Web Based Solutions

Our web-based tools set the standard in the industry. They’re designed to put information in your hands now, when you need it – not in hours, and certainly not next week. From FleetSuite® – our proprietary portal for fleet and risk managers – to Driver History Profile (DHP)®, to our tools for delivery contractors, we continually invest to make sure our tools are fast and easy to use, and deliver the information you need.

The commitment to our online tools is based on these promises.

  • Flexibility: We offer industry-leading services, customized to your organization’s needs.
  • Visibility: We invest in developing and maintaining technology that provides the information you need, when you need it.
  • Accountability: We make you look good. Working with Fleet Response is seamless and easy.

FleetSuite® is an exclusive, proprietary, custom built online tool offering access to real-time data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using this tool, fleet and risk managers can review claim and rental activity, repair updates, maintenance data, subrogation status, and fleet safety information.

FleetSuite® Features include:

  • Password protected access to an unlimited number of users designated by your company including restricted access by corporate structure or system rights
  • Access to all pertinent claim information including loss notices, photos and estimates
  • Access to multiple standard ad-hoc reports
  • Customizable StatCenter to view charts and graphs
  • Ability to communicate with Fleet Response representatives
  • Access Driver History Profile (DHP)® including motor vehicle record (MVR) and safety information
  • System training offered anytime
Driver History Profile (DHP)®

Driver History Profile (DHP)® is a secure, web-based system that provides a complete view of all drivers and secondary drivers. DHP includes electronic motor vehicle records (MVRs), driver risk scoring, profiling, integration of claims and other violations, and online driver safety training. DHP provides administrators access to comprehensive reports to easily review and track results.

Driver Qualification File Management

Fleet Response will manage your required Driver Qualification files, from reviewing the medical card and license documents, to ordering motor vehicle records and tracking the completion of the Certificate of Violations.

Our program offers electronic processes to be automatically assigned to all DOT drivers and/or DOT managers to prepare, execute and store a complete DQ file.

Fleet Response will automate the COV process to assign annually ensuring all DOT drivers are in compliance with the driver qualification annual review guidelines.

To see a demo of our new Driver Qualification File Management contact us today. 

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