Network Repair Facilities

Increase revenue for your business by becoming eligible to work on the 500,000+ vehicles in our nationwide portfolio. Our networks are open to local, independent shops as well as national vendors. All vehicle types and weight classes are covered, so facilities with specialized capabilities are welcome. We also work with salvage buyers.

Fleet Response works closely with our network shops to facilitate accurate cost information and fair, timely payment for your work.

Network Maintenance Shops provide standard, warranted maintenance services, including oil and filter changes, tire rotation/replacement, brake inspection/replacement, transmission and cooling system inspections/service, engine and transmission replacements, air-conditioning repairs, and steering and suspension repairs.

Network Auto Body Shops provide estimates and conduct authorized, warranted repairs to vehicles that have been involved in accidents.

Network Salvage Buyers may bid on all types of vehicles. 

Becoming a Fleet Response Network Vendor is quick and easy!

1. Request a Corporate Data Application. (Can be completed within one business day!)

2. Complete and return the Corporate Data Application. (Upon approval, you will receive a Vendor Service Agreement.)

3. Complete and return the Vendor Service Agreement (along with interior and exterior photos of the shop, a valid insurance certificate and a warranty statement.)

To begin the process, contact us